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Device Management Software Facts

Mobile device management

MDM or device management software as it is also known can erase sensitive information from a lost iPhone that can costs a company millions or compromise information. Since Americas movement into the BYOD, or bring your own device era, mobile management has become increasingly important. A recent poll by IBM shows that over three fourths of IT managers prefer the BYOD approach to technology since it tends to increase productivity.

It is also easy to integrate mobile devices with enterprise systems through Cloud Computing making MDM software easy to use as well. Device management software comes in handy as a recent study shows that 71 percent of businesses that use the BOYD method have no specific security policies or procedures in place. Mobile device management has very clear values when it comes to security, especially where it concerns BOYD. If a user’s phone is lost or stolen mobile device management software can erase the sensitive information stored on the phone remotely and right away.
While many people do not believe that mobile management is important, the numbers just do not lie. The

Android Os’s user base increases by a whopping 700,000 users each day. That is a lot of phones and a lot of sensitive information running around since the invention of the BOYD system. Device management software is the best way to go to ensure that not only your employees but your company’s critical and sensitive information is not lost or stolen. It is better to be safe than sorry and have the means to get rid of the information if the need arises.

Great New Products from Growers of Specialty Produce

Herb crystals

Herb crystals are the latest flavour phenomenon available from specialty produce creators. Herb crystals can be used as a crunchy and flavourful accompaniment to many dishes. Herb crystals come in many flavour combinations, but basil crystals seem to be the most popular.

Other products available from specialty growers include micro greens and edible flowers. Micro greens are typically smaller than two inches tall and less than an inch across, and almost all varieties have four to six times the nutrients found in the mature vegetable. Depending on the type of microgreen being grown, the tiny plants can be harvested in as little as one week and in as many as 6.

Another specialty product available from growers are edible flowers. These can take many forms including flower crystals, firestix or sugar flowers. Flower crystals are similar to herb crystals and are a crunchy topping infused with the flavor of flowers like Roses. Edible flowers like Firestixs can be used to add a pop of color to many dishes or used as a garnish in a cup of tea or signature cocktail. Candied flowers like violets gained popularity during the Victorian period, but have maintained use on confections like fancy pastries and wedding cakes. More like this blog: