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Find a Sales and Marketing Headhunter

Sales jobs

For many companies the driving force is their sales team. Unfortunately, out of all the sales professionals in North America 22 percent cannot be trained, 40 percent will miss their quotas, and a mere 10 percent will actually provide return on investment. A number of companies do not realize what they should be looking for when they hire sales people. Luckily, there are sales and marketing headhunters who can help in that department, as well as help to train the representatives that your company chooses to hire.

To begin, executive search agents will typically have many diverse personal contacts in their field of specialty. When searching for the best sales people that will

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Discover the ways to find tax debt relief

Tax  resolution service

When a person is neglectful in resolving their tax debt, tax penalties often occur, including possible wage garnishment. This happens when an employer, who is required to pay taxes on employees, withholds the neglectful employee’s earnings for the payment of debt as issued by a court order or other legal procedure in accordance to the Internal Revenue Service or state tax collection. Garnished wages are submitted and applied toward the individual’s unpaid taxes. Another form of federal tax penalties is the issuance of levies on social security or pensions. Tax penalty abatement is illegal and can earn the offender imprisonment and hefty fines.

Of course, the best way to get back tax relief is to pay off the owed taxes. While it may not seem like tax penalties such as Read more ...