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Get the Truth about Fad Diets on Food Talk Radio

Raw food talk

Did you know that, according to Statistic Brain, nearly half, or up to 44%, of Americans dine out once a week, and 50 million Americans eat at restaurants every day? Picking a restaurant, or making healthy choices at home, can be difficult. What many Americans do not realize is that traditional media, like radio, offers food-related advice, suggestions, and personal experience. Why are Americans tuning into food talk radio and raw food talk for everything dining and diet-related?

Radio is Here to Stay

Ninety-five percent of Americans and Canadians listen to the radio at least once per week. Contrary to claims that radio is dead or dying, radio remains one of North Americans go-to sources for music, relaxation, entertainment, and news. Radio is, in fact, evolving and adapting to modern listene

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