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What You Need to Know about Church Pews

Pulpit furniture

If you have ever been to a church, then chances are that you have sat in a church pew. A church pew is one of the most ubiquitous kinds of church furniture you will find. Despite their wide spread popularity, there are actually many different kinds of church pews. For example. some pews feature cushioned seating for a more comfortable church experience, some even feature footrests. However, some are simple and offer no bonuses apart from a wooden bench.

Another interesting fact about pews is that they are were not always a feature of a church. In fact, for the first 1,000 years of church history, churches did not contain pews. Rather, church goers simply stood and were free to walk around and mingle with other church goers. The first pews emerged in the 13th century in England. They were originally made of

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