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Do You Need to Hire a Wedding Planner?

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The job of a wedding and event planner has changed a great deal in the past couple of decades. For one thing, a wedding and event planner must contend not only with the bride, but more often than not, with the groom as well. These days, the number of couples who
plan their weddings together tops 40 percent, and approximately 75% of all United States grooms aid in selecting the items on their wedding registry. So too are grooms now invested in discovering the best wedding locations, party venues, and wedding packages available for their big day. This has made the job of wedding and event planner even more dependent upon strong communication s

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Stop the Emerald Ash Borer Infestation of North American Ash Trees!

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As has been made abundantly clear by the archive of landscape design pictures showing disease ravaged fauna, ash tree disease has grown into a serious problem of late. Ash trees, a favorite of low maintenance landscaping enthusiasts and photographers specializing in landscape design pictures, are a species of vegetation that serves as a major food source for both mammals and birds. Ash trees have been used to fill in the gaps that are common in forests. As well, they are a favorite choice amongst urban planners and landscapers due to how little maintenance they require. Sadly, there is one serious drawback to cultivating ash trees, the devastating trend of emerald i

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