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Spinal Surgery Today

Minimally invasive spine surgery

People who have back problems off refer to their back doctor as their spinal surgeon or their spine doctor. These kinds of doctors are the kind to go to when you need herniated disc treatment or bulging disc surgery. A spinal surgeon will also do spinal fusion surgery. A spinal surgeon will schedule an appointment with their patient to discuss their treatment options after they have made the correct diagnosis on what the problem is with the patient’s back. After the spinal surgeon performs any type of back surgery, they will also oversee the patient’s after care.

Patients can go to a spinal surgeon for a number of reasons. For instance, if you have a child with scoliosis and the curvature of their spine reaches a certain degree, the child’s medical doctor will prescribe back surgery. A spinal surgeon will then evaluate the child and decide which type of back surgery is best. There are certain tests are in order first. The main test for scoliosis is called “Adams Forward Bend Test.” After the test results are determined the spine doctor will decide whether or not the child needs to have back surgery.

Spinal stenosis is another kind of problem people can develop with their backs when they get older. Spinal stenosis is a condition where your spinal column begins to narrow and when it does that, it can press on the nerves, causing great pain. There is a certain type of surgery your spinal surgeon can do to treat this condition that can widen the spinal column, but it involves removing some of the bone in your spine. There are other non invasive treatments your spinal surgeon can try first before they do back surgery though.

Having back surgery is no fun. It can be very painful during the healing process and there are a number of risks to consider. A good doctor will try to do their best to treat your back pain with other treatments that can help you to avoid the need for having back surgery. This is why it is important to go and see your doctor as soon as possible when you are having back problems. Your doctor can also prescribe certain back exercises that will help strengthen your back and head off back problems in the future. Find out more by talking to your spinal surgeon today.