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Giving Your Child Her Best Chance

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When it comes to choosing a daycare, parents have plenty of options. Many public schools now offer universal pre-school, there are franchise daycares in most communities, some facilities are offered out of homes, a few workplaces offer childcare, and many private schools offer daycare and preschool programs. There are plenty of excellent options that fall into each category, but it is the private school advantage we’re going to focus on here.

Quality early childhood education is of incredible importance. The years when a child typically attends daycare, between ages three and four, are remarkably important to his or her development. By three, children develop around 1,000 trillion connections between their brain cells, around twice as many as the average adult. Fostering the learning process at the

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Save Time and Money at a Convenient Care Clinic

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If you have had to make a run to the emergency room lately, you know just how expensive they can be. The average cost of an emergency room visit is about $1,500. Did you know that the same visit to a convenient care center runs about $150?

So just exactly what is a convenient care or medical urgent care center? These are medical clinics that have urgent care hours that work on a 24 hour a day basis and provide care for medical situations that may not need a full emergency room visit. These can include gastrointestinal issues, strains and sprains and the like. According to regulations set down by the Urgent Care Association of American, an urgent care center must provide on site diagnostic services that include X rays and phlebotomy.

Because they are open 24 hours, you can get medical assistance when y

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C. H. Smith Appliance in Portsmouth Virginia


C. H. Smith Appliance

3800 King Street

Portsmouth, Virginia 23707


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Our exceptionally experienced staff has been selling and servicing appliances to the area for 40 years. We carry a large selection of kitchen appliances and laundry appliances, including refrigerators, ovens, ranges, freezers, cooktops, microwaves, hoods, washers, and dryers. Proudly serving the area, we enjoy helping our clients. Whether you call us, visit us online or in store, we will be sure to make your needs a priority.

Three Ways to Find the Best Pet Insurance

Pet insurance

The fact is Americans love their pets. We love to take them with us on car rides. We love to talk to them when we are feeling blue. It is no wonder, then, that there are 164 million pets spread across American households, according to the Humane Society.

Pets, whether they are cats, dogs, turtles, or fish, are often treated like our children. We have to clean up after them, feed them, and discipline them when necessary. 94 percent of pet owners say their pet forces them to crack a smile at least once a day.

Overwhelmingly, our pets are a force for good in our lives. Naturally, we want to make sure they are taken care of and live long, healthy lives. However, as veterinary medicine has started using increasingly expensive medical techniques and medications, owners have higher expectations of their p

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Using the Best Motor Oil for Your Car and Getting Oil Changes Regularly Can Lead to Greater Longevity for Your Vehicle

American petroleum institute standards

Anyone who drives a vehicle knows that their is a great deal of responsibility that comes with the privilege of driving and owning a vehicle. Of course, safety should always be the number one priority of any driver. Safety encompasses many aspects of driving though, and does not only require that a driver be alert and obeying traffic laws. Having a well functioning, efficient vehicle also plays a major role in safety. One of the main responsibilities of any vehicle owner is keeping up with the routine maintenance procedures of their vehicle. Changing motor oil regularly is one such maintenance routine that is highly advised to drivers. To ensure a longer lifespan for your vehicle, it is advisable to know Read more ...