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Political Marketing For the New Millennium

Seminarios sobre politica

“Political science” was defined by Aristotle as “the study of the state,” according to the Oxford Dictionary of Politics, whereas political communication is “the strategic use of communication to influence public knowledge, beliefs, and action on political matters,” as stated by David L. Swanson and Dan Nimmo. The political marketing and communications field combines traditional disciplines like communications and political science, but infuses them with a 21st century media perspective. Political marketing scholars and analysts attempt to understand the methods by which political marketing information spreads, and to what extent political campaigns and actions influence society.

Did you know that in November, 2012,12 percent of adults using the internet attest to getting their political news from

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How You Can Get Help If You Are a Drug Addict

Teen drug abuse

Drug addiction affects thousands of people in the United States. Addicts can lose their job, money, friends, and family all to drugs. There are, of course, the health risks that drug addiction puts a person at, which can even include death. Then there are the effects that drugs can have on one’s friends and family.

Thankfully, for those that want to get help, there are drug rehab facilities in the United States. Drug rehab facilities offer a number of different programs to help addicts. These include in patient treatment, out patient treatment, support groups, extended care centers, recovery or sober houses, and addiction counseling. Drug rehab programs may also be tailored for specific age groups, particular for young addicts. Other pro

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