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Why You Need a Skilled Attorney to Deal with the Probate Process

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In the complex legal world of post-death dealings, nothing is more involved than the process of probate. That’s likely because only about 60% of American adults have their estate plan and written will already set in place before they die. Probate deals with what happens to the other 40%, whose wishes for their assets and belongings are not made explicit, and therefore must be decided upon by the court. Of course, it’s always a bit more complicated than that.

What is probate?

The term probate comes from the Latin for “to prove,” and in cases surrounding a deceased person, it’s all about proving the will. If a person dies without one, his or her assets are kept in a state of probate until the legal inheritance can be proved. Since this is a highly involved process, it simply can’

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Those Who are Buying or Selling a Home Can Ease the Process with a Real Estate Agent

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When it comes to both buying a home and selling a home, the process of either can be much like a roller coaster ride. Filled with many ups, downs, and unexpected twists and turns, individuals who are buying a home or selling one may find themselves becoming overwhelmed at times. Though many may try to anticipate a timeline of events, these processes can often be quite difficult to accurately plan for. Setbacks can occur, which can cause understandable frustration from the parties involved. Choosing a real estate agent to help with these processes can often provide individuals with a solution to these commonly experienced issues.

One of the main benefits of w

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Is Marriage Counseling the Solution For You?

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Unfortunately, slightly over 40 percent of first marriages end in divorce in the U.S. If you are facing marital, separation or custody issues, you may want to exhaust all other options before filing for divorce. Relationship therapists can help you navigate through the decisions that may affect your loved ones for years to come. It does not take a motivational speaker to proclaim how disruptive it can be when your family is falling apart. You and your spouse may want to consider finding a marriage counselor as part of your process to work out

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