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Cloud Document Systems


Using a digital filing system where you will scan to cloud any important documents to back them up or simply to reduce clutter and paperwork can help you to greatly increase your business’ efficiency and to reduce its overhead. An average, not an exceptional, business makes 19 copies of each document, but still loses one of every 20 documents. Filing a document costs about $20 in labor, and about $120 are wasted on each misfiled document and 25 work hours are wasted on every lost document. You can imagine how much of an unintentional drain this can be on a business. However, digital filing systems where you scan to cloud important documents, like receipts, busi

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Are You Taking Advantage of Urgent Care Facilities? Here are a Few Reasons You Should Be

Fremont ca urgent care

One of the biggest innovations in the medical field within the past couple of decades has been convenient care centers in the form of after hours urgent care. These urgent care facilities have taken the some of the burden of convenient care off of emergency rooms, made more affordable healthcare available to those who are under insured, and made the entire process cheaper than even. If you have not visited an urgent care facility in your area, here are a few reasons that you should.

Though urgent care will never be a replacement for emergency rooms, they do cover some of the injuries that can slow down service in an ER. Urgent care centers provide medical service for conditions that are not s

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