Using a digital filing system where you will scan to cloud any important documents to back them up or simply to reduce clutter and paperwork can help you to greatly increase your business’ efficiency and to reduce its overhead. An average, not an exceptional, business makes 19 copies of each document, but still loses one of every 20 documents. Filing a document costs about $20 in labor, and about $120 are wasted on each misfiled document and 25 work hours are wasted on every lost document. You can imagine how much of an unintentional drain this can be on a business. However, digital filing systems where you scan to cloud important documents, like receipts, business cards, invoices, contracts, and any other important document that you will want your employees to have fast and easy access to can help you to avoid these expenses and to just avoid the time employees waste looking for documents all the time. When you scan to cloud documents, your employees will not even need to leave their seats to get what they need.

Portable scanners for systems like this come in two
types: One that simply takes a snapshot of documents and one that reads and arranges the information in the document. When you scan to cloud documents, they are put into a system where they are easily accessible by whoever needs them without their having to take the time to search through physical files that they might not have immediate access to. Also, employees can access these documents off site, reducing overhead for small businesses by allowing employees to do things at home, rather than come into the business. If you are a small business, managing your overhead can be critical. Even if you run a larger business where the financial loss of an individual document might seem negligible, the costs will add up to large numbers over time if you handle many documents, as most large businesses do. Helpful links:

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