International health programs can be studied by anyone looking to make a difference. Every day on the news one can see a constant feed of stories about the latest viral outbreak, a rise in infant mortality or age old diseases that still plague the third world. Whats worse is that many of these conditions are easily preventable. Those who learn from international health programs can make their living helping those that are exposed to the worst kinds of poverty. They can also help those who are suffering from disability, disease and malnutrition.

Those studying international health programs can come away with degrees in global community health, global health systems and tropical medicine to name a few. A great education is always beneficial, but in the areas of medicine and helping others around the world it is a necessity. Some things cannot be learned on the fly. Being able to use all of the knowledge that great international health programs can provide can help prepare anyone before going into the field.

The best international health programs will also be able to educate those about how to help prevent things that people suffer from every day. In countries that line the tropics, including those in Africa, Central America and Southeast Asia, people suffer from horrible outbreaks of disease each year, many of which are easily preventable in other parts of the world. People educated through international health programs can help other communities around the world to help fight off diseases, cope with disabilities, enjoy healthier nutrition and lower infant mortality.

Every public health facility or organization needs people that are capable of running things smoothly. International health programs can also train people to hit the ground running as administrators for a wide variety of organizations, from non profits to local government positions. A well organized leader can make all the difference between an organization succeeding or failing. International health programs provide the gateway to not only a career, but a career where one can truly make a difference bringing hope and health to people around the world.

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