Military members often face permanent change of stations throughout their career. It is not uncommon for military servicemen and women to experience more than one military move. These moves are funded by the government and also includes the member family dependents. The particulars of the move and the amount of coverage provided can depend upon the rank and status of the member of the military.

The military does offer the choice for its members to use a do it yourself move, known as a DITY move. This places the responsibility of the moving process, from start to finish. The DITY option is not suggested for moves overseas, as the government moving rates are impossible to beat. The options available for a Military dity move include using a privately owned vehicle, rental vehicle (like a UHaul or moving truck), and a commercial moving company. For those looking to forgo the assistance of the military for their station change, may find it helpful to consult a DITY move calculator. These can be found online to help military families prepare for moves, like the Military Housing Alliance. The DITY moving calculator helps members estimate the total cost of the move, taking into considerations that the government uses to determine reimbursement. The government will typically cover the partial cost of transportation in a DITY move. Time and time again the DITY move calculator has been proven to be an accurate tool in determining total cost and reimbursement expectations for military moving. The DITY move calculator can be used to measure cost of living allowance, basic pay, basic pay allowance, and authorized weight allowance.

While many military service personnel choose to use a military contractor for their change of station, for those who have special considerations with their family members and household goods may find that do it yourself moving fits better for their situation. For any military member embarking on a DITY move, using the DITY move calculator will help forecast the cost and government reimbursement rates.

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