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A DWI is a serious offense and can land you in jail. If you are stopped by police in Texas, then a Houston DWI attorney can fight for your case. A specialized attorney is more reliable than one who works for general offenses because they have a firm grip on all the laws pertaining to the area. Driving offenses related to intoxication can be severe and it may take more than just an ordinary criminal attorney Houston courts are often navigated by to get you out of a jam. A Houston DWI attorney with experience in criminal law is helpful though. They can use their experience to negotiate a lesser sentence or discount the charge entirely. The reason is that you will not have to spend a significant amount of time in jail and can move on with your life afterward. If a tough lesson has to be learned, a criminal defense attorney Houston DWI offenders can rely on can get you on the right track.

Another reason for a good Houston DWI attorney, with the strict laws and punishments put in place, is that the offense may be an isolated lack of judgment. If nobody was hurt, then it is hard to justify lengthy jail time, especially if you are sure not to commit the act again. A driver being drunk is often the opinion of the police. It can sometimes be difficult to determine the actual level of alcohol in one’s blood when they were stopped. If you need a Dwi attorney houston employs many of them so you can research the rosters of lawyers to get your case heard fairly. The specialty also gives a Houston DWI attorney an edge when it comes to understanding the alleged person’s rights and the penalties they face. They can also navigate the path to options such as expungement and avoiding jail time and license revocation.

A Houston criminal attorney can also prove that a police stop was not entirely compliant with the law. If any actions on the part of the officers are questionable, the lawyer can argue for the case to be thrown out, providing you with a second chance or a way out of a situation you should not be in. Aside from alcohol, a Houston criminal defense attorney can help individuals charged with using drugs while driving. Crimes are sometimes charged when someone has taken prescription drugs. The law can be complicated so a Houston DWI attorney is the right one to protect your rights while the case is ongoing.

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