Hunting and fishing lodges

There are a number of avid hunters that go on big game hunts during the year to target a specific species. Black bears can have fur that is white, brown, tan, chestnut, or blond which is unique because their name may imply otherwise. People looking to hunt these big animals can find black bear hunting guides in certain destinations to hopefully ensure a successful and safe hunting experience. Those that have hunted bear already or are simply not interested can try something else such as one of the trophy guided elk hunts offered across the country. The antlers of elk are used for their velvet and in traditional medicine in some parts of Asia. Adult elk are usually with the same sex during the year until mating season comes around which is also known at the rut. Whichever one of the guided elk hunts you go on will likely show you why the best time to hunt them is during mating season.

Aside from guided elk hunts, people can also go one of the exciting guided mule deer hunts offered in different states throughout the country. These trophy mule deer hunts present a good opportunity to land a big deer for your collection. There are plenty of hunting vacations available, no matter what species you are seeking so be sure to do some research to find the best area. Turkey hunting is also common and the top of their beaks contain a fleshy protuberance that is called the snood while the one under is the wattle. Join the twelve and a half people in America that hunt annually and have a great time in the outdoors.

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