One of the many methods of sharing info online is by writing online articles. Online articles give information in greater detail and help internet readers understand a subject better. Article writers create articles and post the articles online on article directories for free to share the online info. Most internet readers visit article directories to learn about an array of subjects in detail. At first writers posted online articles merely to share information. Soon articles had details on products and services and became a method of marketing them on the internet. Online articles were posted on article directories with a link to the websites of businesses and those who looked for information on article directories also visited the website and made purchases. Many freelance writers began to hire out their services to businesses of all sizes and earned a profit by ghost writing online articles marketing products and services. The evolution of the blog ushered in a new online location to post articles. One did not have to post articles only on article directories and adhere to the terms and conditions and editorial directives of the directory. A blogger could create a free blog and write online articles and post it on the blog after uploading it. These articles not only contained written content but were embellished with graphics and videos making it more impressive for readers. Online articles on blogs provide information on a variety of subjects including current affairs and online news travel internet technology and health. Today many internet viewers visit blogs not only to get information about a subject but to stay abreast with the latest updates on the subject. Blogs are easy to upload and update unlike a website or articles on an article directory. Internet viewers may search for a quick overview about a specific subject by doing a search on a search engine but it is by reading online articles that they get information about a specific subject in detail.

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