Certex lifting products

a fall protection program is one of the most important things that any material handlers can provide. It was during the latter half of the 19th Century that they really began to pick up steam. Leonardo da Vinci made sketches of what appears to be the first steel chain. Since then, steel chains have become central to life in many ways. Steel chains have been used for thousands of years to make life easier. For example, steel bushing chains are used in bicycles. A double braid rope can also serve for mechanical purposes. The inner fiber braid is chosen for strength.

Modern crane safety, such as the fall protection program, has increased as cranes have come to use internal combustion engines or electric motors and hydraulic systems. The added power makes primitive cranes more practical for the material handling industry.

But for as old as the crane is, the fall protection program is still important. Using tools such as web slings, which are lightweight and flexible, do a good job of protecting their load. But they need workers with the crane safety training necessary to use them correctly. Workers need fall protection training to learn how to handle wire rope slings, lifting slings, lifting chains and web slings. They also can provide fall protection training. Workers need to be familiar with terminology, such as a chain, which is a unit of measurement which was formerly used for surveying.

Companies like certex provide crane training and a fall protection program for material handling services in most states south of the Mason Dixon Line, from North Carolina to California. As crane technology has become more advanced, crane training has become more important. Steam powered cranes became popular during the Industrial Revolution.

Since that time, the material used to make cranes have become more complex. And, as the technology has grown more complex, it has become safer, but only for those with crane training through the fall protection program and other initiatives. Chain slings for instance are made out of extremely advanced materials. They are constructed out of high strength alloy which was made for the lifting industry. It is for this reason that the fall protection program will probably grow more central to material handling as industrialists keep on working.

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