National honor society cords

In 2001, the US graduation rate amongst high school students was at 72 percent . In 2009, that went up to around 75.5 percent In 2002, 2,007 US high schools were considered dropout factories. In 2010, that number dropped to 1,550. It would be an understatement to say that high school graduation is a special occasion because, for some, it might never happen. Not only is special for the successful graduate, who has their entire adult life ahead of them, but for the family and educators who have watched the young men and women blossom into remarkable people. Along with the traditional cap and gown, high school honor cords are worn to signify a wide range of achievements and accomplishment.

Graduation cords come in many different colors and stand for a multitude of different distinct reasons. High school honor cords distinguish anything from excellence in specific subjects like math or science, to National Honor Society, all the way to having high school honor cords signify leadership, humanitarian, or civic honors. The National Honor Society operates in all 50 states with more than one million students participating in some capacity. With that many students to recognize, National Honor society cords come in two notable variations: a Royal Blue and Gold double cord or simply a Gold double cord. These honor society cords have become standard but, ultimately, it is up for the school to decide which colors to use for their high school honor cords to signify different accomplishments. Graduation honor cords may be determined based on school colors as well. For example, red high school honor cords are growing in popularity to recognize students who have accomplished a great deal of community service or volunteer efforts.

Honor cords for graduation are an important piece of graduation day attire these days. From the old model, where just the cap and gown were worn, to adding the tassel to the hat, up to today, where students try to earn as many high school honor cords as they can fit on the cap. The thought is that, the more achievements an individual has, the more well rounded they are and, naturally, they should be recognized for such by donning as many high school honor cords as possible. To learn more, read this:

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