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Jackson Hole Wyoming was one of the best places to do business for seven straight years according to the Bloomberg report. You may not know it, but Jackson is also popular for sled dog racing. In fact, Jackson’s 18th annual International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race was just held in January. The race started out at the Jackson town square and took a week to complete. The dogs and their sleds raced through 9 communities in 4 different states. What an exciting event to be witness to right? You can be there next year if you take a look at Jackson Hole property for sale and have a custom home built to your liking. Moose Wyoming real estate, Moran Wyoming real estate and Kelly Wyoming real estate also offer some great listings to consider.

You know, Jackson and Jackson Hole are two different terms right? Most people think they mean the same thing, but that is not true. You see, Jackson Hole is a 80 mile long, 15 mile wide valley in the state of Wyoming. Jackson itself, is a major city located in that valley. You will find these things out when shopping for Jackson Hole property for sale. It’s nice to know this so that the locals won’t think you are weird and from another state and out just looking at Jackson wy real estate.

Now it is also good to know that the average home in Jackson has an estimated value of about $2,401, 875. If you start shopping for Jackson Hole property for sale the look of shock won’t show on your face when a Jackson WY Realtor lets you know how much some of the luxury homes cost in the area. Jackson is home to two of the 400 wealthiest Americans. You can find their names mentioned in the 2012 Forbes list of wealthiest Americans.

If you want to come and look at Jackson Hole property for sale to start a business on, you are in luck. There happens to be some prime Jackson Hole commercial real estate available. People who live and work in the Jackson Hole area enjoy about a 12 minute commute. If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big cities, come and take a look at the Jackson Hole property for sale. You may just find yourself calling Jackson Hole home in the near future too.

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