Estrategias de campañas electorales

To be the consultor politico you must be one that is versed in social media and the formación política of the branding politico that many before like Mauricio Jaitt, Mario elgarresta, JJ Rendon, and Julio Pizzetti are. Many of these leaders have turned to social media because it has proven to be very valuable in political communication with the media and public. Social media is such a popular avenue of use for a consultor politico that Facebook even has a group of people that they have employed since 2008 to work on political campaigns! Twitter has gone as far to create a political ad team that has a sole focus of the political industry. While the Pew Research Center institute finds that the most social media users tend to be liberal in their political stance, it has not stopped the consultor politico of a conservative party stop from going online and on to social media sites to be seen and heard. Social media campaigns are powerful, and many have even found ways to incorporate ‘likes’ as well as other online interactions into measurable results. This is just one bit of evidence of the power of social media in the political sphere today across the world and how a consultor politico may be able to benefit from the usage of it.

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