Chimney caps

Chimneys have been around for hundreds of years. Historians believe that Romans used tubes to draw out smoke that accumulated in kitchens and bakeries, but the first real chimney didn’t appear to come into existence until the 12th century. That is a long history.

Today, chimneys have really advanced with the times. Their purpose of drawing smoke out of a building is still the same, but there are several advances that have made them safer and better to use than the chimneys of old.

One of the biggest advancements that has been seen in the chimney industry is the use of chimney flue liners. Chimney liners are products that are used to line the inside of a chimney. These chimney liners help reduce the build up of creosote and eliminate the potential fear of starting a random fire due to soot build up.

Modern chimney flue liners are made out of UL stainless steel. These chimney flue liners are cost effective, popular and efficient ways to line a chimney. These chimney liners are extremely popular because they are easy to use when a chimney needs to be relined with a chimney liner.

Other advancements seen in the chimney industry include the use of chimney caps, chimney cover caps, and chimney covers. These advancements, in addition to the laws passed to prevent minors from cleaning chimneys, have helped to change the chimney industry.

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