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ADHD and insomnia is inseparable for many people suffering from ADHD. Even adults suffering from ADHD report also having sleeping problems. Here are three things that you should know about ADHD and insomnia. These things can help you understand the relationship between ADHD and insomnia and the possible treatment for the problem.

First, according to reports around 25 percent to 50 percent of children and adults with ADHA also suffer from sleep problems. One of the possible reasons for this is that being hyperactive, people with ADHD are also more active than other people even during their sleep. This therefore gives them problem having normal night sleep. Another reason is that since they are hyperactive during the day, they find it more difficult to settle down at night, unlike a normal person who can easily settle down because he is not that active during the day. In any case ADHD and insomnia can be a vicious cycle.
Second, one of the possible effective treatment to stop this pattern is testosterone treatment. Testosterone treatment can address the ADHD symptoms so that one can have a restful and peaceful night. Third, testosterone treatment is not uncommon. You can find low testosterone treatment doctors in Fort Lauderdale. Just ask your doctor fort lauderdale or general medicine Boward doctor to refer you to FT Lauderdale testosterone clinic or family practice Fort Lauderdale that offers the treatment. You can also do an online research. In any case, you can easily find a testosterone therapy fort lauderdale that offers the treatment and in time, you be able to have better sleep.

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