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In the early 1850’s, a man named Isaac Merritt Singer, who had developed a superior design of the sewing machine, had a vision that his product could be marketed across the map. This presented a problem. He did not posses the capitol for this kind of expansion. Another set back, people would not be apt to buy an upgraded design without the instruction to use the new machine. The resolution? Franchising. Singer sought out people in the desired geographical areas and granted them ownership of the rights to sell his product, in exchange for a licensing fee. These people would then educate the purchasers in the correct operation of his sewing machine, bringing his vision to life.

Though Isaac Singer is credited for creating the modern use of franchising, and McDonald’s for making it popular, the business practice can be traced back to the middle ages. Today the franchises we know share the same basic principles. The desire for growth and the need to overcome lack of expansion capitol, as well as distance. Many franchises of today overcome these obstacles by implementing the use of a franchise website to promote their products and manage affairs more efficiently.

The poor economy and job market of the present has fueled franchise opportunities and growth. Today, more than 8 million people are employed by franchises. In the current internet age, franchises must have an online presence, such as a franchise website. This creates a great demand for website development companies and a website content management system. The integration of a franchise website can greatly boost a franchises success.

A web content management system, or WCMS, is a software system that allows the end user to manage and web content such as prices, products, tax rates, and payment methods, etc. with ease. Not tech savy? Not a problem! WCMSs are designed to be user friendly to non technical users. You can maintain brand control as well as update and change your franchise website, even from mobile devices and remote locations, with a few clicks and internet users can see it within minutes!

Ensure the success of your franchise with a franchise website and bring the business model into the 21st century with a web content management system!

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