Classic guacamole

When you are trying to figure out what recipes with guacamole are best, there will be plenty of suggestions and ideas pushed your way. One of the most commons classic guacamole recipes are those that are more along the lines of spicy guacamole dip and big flavored fresh guacamole dips. Perhaps the reason that so many people are fans of spicy guacamole dip is because it has an extra kick to it that many others do not. This is why when people often recommend a spicy guacamole dip, they will first ask you if you like recipes using guacamole that is spicy, just in case your taste buds are sensitive to spicy guacamole dip. If you find that you do in fact like spicy guacamole dip then you are also in lucky because the guacamole calories in a spicy guacamole dip are traditionally a lot less than what you would find prevalent in other recipes that are not as spicy, yet still so full flavored. That is why so many people who want to try guacamole but do not want something bland, yet do not want to consume such a high number of calories will turn to a spicy guacamole dip because they know that they can get something flavor filled and tasty all in one place without consuming unwanted calories at the same time.

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