Bathroom remodeling in phoenix

The bathroom is a place in our homes that we spend a significant amount of time, whether we’d like to or not. For a number of individuals who may have disabilities, injuries or are otherwise in need of extra mobility, getting in and out of the bathroom can be not only be a time consuming but potentially hazardous event. Bathroom remodeling companies aim to help those in need by providing top craftsmanship and dedication to the client’s needs. Bathroom remodel designs can differ greatly and can be customized to fit the specific desires of a client.

Handicap bathrooms exist to help those who need extra assistance to use the facilities they need. Bathroom remodeling design to make the area accessible to those who have some form of disability which impairs movement can greatly improve their quality of life while at home. One of the biggest challenges of moving in a bathroom as somebody with a disability is size. By that it is meant than an individual who uses a walker or a wheelchair in the bathroom may find movement constraining and if it is modified for a wheelchair user, there must be enough room to park the chair to make transferring to the toilet easy and comfortable. The individual in a wheelchair or walker must have enough room to turn around completely, which generally means about 60 inches of space at the center of the bathroom.

A handicapped bathroom may feature more than just the necessary space to make moving from toilet to wheelchair easy. Bathroom remodeling companies may include bars, seats or even a walk in tub so the need to step in and out of the tub is eliminated. A tub of this nature uses a door that vacuum seals shut to prevent water from leaking out, damaging the floor and making cleanup difficult. One should take special care to avoid water damage of this kind as bathroom traffic makes it one of the most used spaces in the home and the water that is frequently used and the moisture it generates is a contributing factor in the breakdown of it’s components over time. Helpful links:

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