Marriage counseling

The average length of divorce proceedings in the United States is one full year. The process is extremely expensive for both parties and can continue to be costly for years after the divorce is finalized. Marriage is a wonderful part of life, but far too often can end in an ugly, emotional battle. A long, happy and healthy marriage is the best way to prevent a costly divorce. And the only way to achieve a happy marriage is for both parties to be happy and healthy themselves. If you feel you and your spouse are slipping apart and want to avoid heading to the direction of divorce, couples therapy and self help seminars are a great option to strengthen your relationship. Here are some reasons you and your partner may want to consider couples therapy and the benefits of doing so.

  • Couples Therapy Works
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    Even if you find yourself in a rocky relationship, you are probably hesitantly asking does couples therapy work? The answer is yes. The traditional model of marriage counseling has proven to be effective in saving relationships for 50 to 60% of those who attend regularly. Couples therapy will allow partners the time and means to openly share feelings, work on solving problems and build off relationship strengths.

  • Divorced Parents
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    Growing up in an environment of separated parents increases the probability of your own marriage ending the same way. Couples with still happily married parents have a 14% less chance of getting divorced. If you or your spouse grew up in a broken home, you should be wary of the same happening to you.

  • Early Marriage Troubles
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    The average length of a marriage that ends in a divorce is only eight years. Fighting and other troubles early in the marriage is not a good sign. Problems like that do not just go away. There are lots of couples therapy exercises that focus on new, young couples that are already experiencing conflicts. You should not let early issues ruin a potentially wonderful marriage before it can truly get going.

  • Self Improvement
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    Self improvement and attending self help seminars are common couples therapy techniques. Bettering yourself is a great way to better the bond between you and your partner. You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of another. This means exercising, eating right, cutting down on drinking and stop smoking. Did you know a marriage is 75% more likely to end in divorce if one partner smokes? Attending self help seminars through couples counseling is a great way to improve yourself so that you can be a better partner to your spouse.

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