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Online shopping is arguably as important as shopping in stores. Some shoppers like it better because they do not have to go into a store or do a lot of things that go along with physical shopping. There are obviously advantages and disadvantages to online shopping, but by and large it allows people to do a lot of things. Since the domain name system was made in 1984, people have been shopping online at an alarming rate.

Interestingly, if an e commerce website makes 100 thousand dollars a day, a single one second page delay can cost them 2.5 million dollars a year in lost sales. That is some pretty daunting information, and reminds everyone of the importance of web design technologies.

Nearly four fifths of web shoppers who have trouble with a website say they will not return to that same site to buy things again. Nearly a fourth of unhappy online shoppers blame their unhappiness on slowly loading web pages. Furthermore, 95 percent of all web visitors can determine in about one second if a website is worthy of their business.

Businesses have to be fluent in site mapping so they can make websites exactly how they want. In truth, the business does not have to do it themselves, as they can and usually do outsource to the top web designers. Professional web design services can fill in for businesses who specialize in the business aspect. Top web designers will do everything else so the business can focus on what they do best. At the end of the day, web design technologies are crucial to a business earning your online business. Read more like this.

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