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Car parts can be expensive. Though an entire 1924 Ford automobile cost just $265, that could maybe pay for one or two parts today. Many opt to purchase used auto parts from online auto salvage sites or from junkyards, but it is hard to tell when it’s a good idea. As brilliant as it may seem when your auto parts store tells you you’ll have to wait a week for a special order, there are certain cautions to buying used. In this article, we’ll provide a few tips about whether looking for online used auto parts is a good plan or not.

First Things First

If you need to find used auto parts, there are a few things to keep in mind before checking out online used auto parts stores.

  1. Know what you’re looking for. If it’s important that you find a certain model, know exactly what that model is. If possible, have the old part with you when you’re searching.
  2. Ask a lot of questions. Now isn’t the time to play expert if you’re not really sure what you’re talking about. Ask a professional for help picking the part, and you’ll be sure to get what you really need.
  3. Make sure the part is returnable. Every so often, all your careful planning will be for naught and you’ll wind up with the wrong part anyway. Just in case that happens, make sure you can exchange it for the right part.
  4. Make sure that a used part is the right choice for the job. Certain parts are always fine to buy used, while others are never a good idea to buy used.

When and When Not To Buy Used

There are some parts that are always okay to buy used. If you’re needing to replace one of these, head straight to an online used auto parts store:

  • ABS controller
  • cooling fan, belt driven
  • door lock actuators
  • exhaust heat shield
  • exhaust manifold
  • exhaust pipes
  • fuel tank
  • gas cap
  • grill
  • hub caps
  • intake manifold
  • interior trim
  • jack
  • lug nuts
  • oil pan
  • power window motor
  • pulleys
  • rear view mirrors
  • seats
  • steering wheel
  • stereo system
  • sunroof motor
  • tail lights
  • throttle body
  • tie rods
  • turn signal lenses
  • vacuum lines
  • vacuum reservoir
  • valve cover
  • wheels
  • window glass
  • windows
  • windshield washer pump
  • wiper arm

On the other hand, parts that wear with mileage are never a good idea to buy used. These might include:

  • air bags
  • air filter
  • airbag sensors
  • ball joints
  • battery
  • bearings
  • brake discs/rotors
  • brake light switch
  • brake pads
  • brake shoes
  • catalytic converter
  • clutch disc
  • cooling fan switch
  • cylinder sleeves
  • distributor cap
  • distributor cap
  • engine bearings
  • fuel lines
  • fuses
  • gaskets
  • head studs
  • headlights
  • ignition coil
  • ignition condenser
  • ignition points
  • MAF
  • muffler
  • muffler hangers
  • oil filter
  • oil pressure switches sensors
  • piston rings
  • radiator hoses
  • rotor
  • shifter bushings
  • shock absorbers
  • spark plug wires
  • spark plugs
  • strut bearings
  • strut inserts
  • thermostat
  • timing belt
  • timing chain
  • tires
  • valves
  • voltage regulator
  • water pump
  • wheel bearings
  • wheel cylinders
  • Fun Car Part Facts

    Impress the guy behind the counter with these handy facts about car parts:

    • More men receive speeding tickets than women, but more women choose to contest them.
    • Most American car horns beep in the key of F.
    • The average car contains over 3,000 feet of electrical wires.
    • The windshield wiper was invented by a woman.

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