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Did you know that 42% of Americans aspire to remodel their homes, and that the U.S. furniture industry is worth more than 65 billion dollars, according to IBIS World research? Many U.S. men and women mistakenly believe that home design comes at a great cost. With a little creativity and effort, home design can be high class and inexpensive. What are some ideas for infusing personality into your home, without breaking the bank?

Favor One of Design’s Most Versatile Materials

Wood is an incredibly versatile material. Wood is durable, lasts, and, when the mood strikes, wood can often be sanded down and refinished for a completely different look. Wholesale stores, such as Direct Buy, offer a wide selection of discount kitchen cabinets. Select from wood cabinets for the most options now, and for years to come. When and if home design schemes change, wood can easily be painted, polished, or stained for an entirely new feel.

Wood furnishings are also a great option for renters, or for homeowners keeping costs low. Remodelers can paint furniture, including coffee and end table sets, bold, bright colors in lieu of painting the walls. Vivid, painted furniture helps colors pop, and it is also considerably less expensive to paint a dresser or headboard than an entire room.

Be Smart About Lighting

Forgo pricey home renovations, like tearing down walls. Walls can contain wiring, plumbing, and insulation, and replacing or redistributing them means higher costs, and more contractors. Brighten up rooms, or give rooms an open, airy feel, without changing your home’s original floor plan.

Choose from stainless steel dishwashers, stainless steel kitchen sinks, or stainless steel kitchen ovens to make the most of limited space. All of these surfaces reflect a good deal of light, making smaller and modestly sized rooms appear much larger. Apply the same principles to the dining area, by selecting from transparent furnishings. Glass and see-through furniture keeps rooms looking spacious and open, instead of cramped.

Home design does not always entail a high price tag. Choose from high end glass tabletops, stainless steel appliances, or wood furnishings, such as discount kitchen cabinets, for inexpensive and lively home design.
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