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Keeping a perfect smile can be dependent on genetics and your good oral hygiene. Teaching kids to take care of their teeth will help them throughout the life of their smile. No matter the childs age, you can help them develop good habits and beautiful teeth.

You can begin to instill good habits at a young age, starting with regular brushing. The American Dental Association recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day with a good quality flouride toothpaste.

For some kids, the best way to get them to enjoy brushing is to play various brush teeth games. They might not like being told to go and brush their teeth, but if you make a game out of getting rid of the plaque you might find they enjoy it. For some, a good lesson aimed at brushing teeth for kids and showing how to avoid brushing teeth too hard can be explained well through game play.

As your kids get older, you have to insure that they maintain proper habits daily. The American dental association suggests wearing a mouthguard for any sports and to make sure you brush and floss frequently. Without proper dental care, you risk cavities, swollen gums or worse. Another consideration for parents is the dental sealants that can help discourage any affects of cavities in young teeth. The sealant works to protect the surface of the tooth from decay and supplements good brushing.

While mouthguards are common in some sports, your children should begin to adopt the American Dental Association recommendations for their use. Mouthguards are critical in protecting teeth from getting knocked out or damaged in sports such as skateboarding, basketball, or soccer. In many instances, they also serve to protect the jaw and lips from damage. Think of it as a cushioning system for your pearly whites.

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  1. Ryan Carter says:

    I will have to look up these teeth brushing games. My youngest son usually will avoid brushing at all costs. We have to get him to brush with just water.

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