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Did you know that black outs in the United States, according to CNN, have increased by staggering 124% in the past two decades? On top of that, Eaton Research has found that an estimated 3,071 power outages occurred in the U.S. during 2012, and that there’s an average of 21,109 per each power outage in the United States annually. The vast majority of us, 93% in fact, have felt the terrors that come from a power outage within the last year.

There are many different causes for these outages, such as weather, or even vehicular accidents, which make up an estimated 4% of all power outages nationwide. It’s important in these events to have a commercial generator ready to power your home or your business.

Even Pulitzer-Prize winning author Anna Quindlen has seen the benefits of having a backup commercial generator. In a commentary from the Wall Street Journal, she said that after a tornado knocked out the power grid her home was connected to, so she bought a backup commercial generator. “I’d had a permanent scare from the tornado and I wanted a permanent solution,” said Quindlen. “And I got one, and more.”

In 2012, CBS news reported on the lethal one-two punch of the deadly heat that claimed 22 lives, and the resulting power failure. To avoid heat illnesses, the CDC recommended that folks try to stay in an air-conditioned room for a few hours. Even if you didn’t have AC, people were supposed to seek it out at libraries or movie theaters. However, because of power outages, the AC was hard to come by.

There are different grades of generating sets, which include commercial generators, residential generators, whole home generators, and industrial generators. Figuring out which of these is best for your needs would keep you prepared in the event of a catastrophe. If you have any questions about commercial generators or other types, feel free to ask in the comments! Continue reading here.

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