Outsourcing seo

Google recently released its new search algorithm, Hummingbird. This new search algorithm is actually quite complex, as Hummingbird attempts to understand the meanings and relationships of words within web content, rather than just matching keywords. Since this new algorithm is arguably the biggest change in Google since 2001, businesses, SEO resellers/ outsourced SEO, and online marketing enthusiasts have been concerned about what these new changes will mean to their outsourced SEO reseller plans and campaigns.

First off, there’s no need to sound any alarms or anything – yes, Hummingbird will impact a massive 90 percent of all searches, but the most basic strategies and methods of search engine optimization are not going anywhere. Google has came out and stated that businesses, online marketers and private label SEO reseller programs do not need to worry about Hummingbird significantly changing any online marketing tactics. Google’s new algorithm just allows Google to process web content in a new and hopefully better way.

If Google stating “there’s no reason to worry” isn’t enough for you, here’s some more peace of mind: Google rolled out Hummingbird almost a month before they publicly announced its release. That’s right, Hummingbird was in a affect for about a month – without anyone knowing it – and the internet didn’t explode, your SEO campaigns are still generating traffic, and everything is fine.

The bottom line is, nothing has really changed for online marketing tactics such as SEO. If online marketers and businesses are still developing creative, original, high-quality, and valuable content, chances are they will still see the same results. Hummingbird isn’t a joke, though. Online marketers should still be examining Hummingbird closely, there are still intricacies within this new algorithm that most of us have yet to understand. By keeping a watchful eye on Hummingbird, you may be able to pick up new strategies and methods to install in your marketing campaigns.

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