Premium cabin furniture

For today’s fans of rustic home accessories, it is probably difficult to believe that what we consider “rustic” today did not begin as a distinct style. Rather, the log cabin furniture for your home that is available today was created out of necessity. Obviously, when the trees are the primary source of building material, and functionality is valued over aesthetics, colonial American log cabins are going to be filled with pretty raw looking log cabin furnishings.

As most of us know, the log furniture of today merely mimics the rustic home accessories of yesteryear, and is far more polished that the genuine rustic furniture that is on display at places like the famous Adirondack museum. In fact, a lot of the real log furniture furniture that has survived from colonial American times still has tree bark on it! Thus, it is not uncommon to see antique hickory log furniture that is still encased in protective hickory bark, or a birch rocking chair whose legs remain wrapped its natural, silvery peel.

If the idea of rustic home accessories appeals to you, your best bet is to go with premium cabin furniture. This is because it is practically impossible to build high quality rustic furniture on the assembly line. Think about it. During colonial times, when rustic furniture was not considered rustic at all, all furniture was handmade. Therefore, even if the product was not as polished as contemporary “rustic” furniture, it was probably a lot sturdier and long-lasting.

This is not to say that today’s rustic log cabin furniture is not durable, but the strength and durability depends a lot on the methods that the manufacturers use. The good news is that the leading manufacturers of rustic style furniture are coming up with more innovative ways to produce authentic looking rustic log cabin furniture that will endure. Thus, there is no better time than the present for the rustic furniture aficionado. Good refereneces:

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