According to a sample of 8 million web users, nearly 95% of search engine users clicked on at least one first-page search result. As for results appearing on the second page, well, the story was a lot different. The same study revealed that only 6% of the same survey respondents bother to click to the next page of search results and click one of the links.

The above survey stands as merely a single testament regarding the importance of business websites. Because many other similar studies have been conducted over the last few years, and, while the sample sizes and actual numbers might vary slightly, the findings show that first-page rankings are critical for business success.

While many of us don’t think of medical and dental offices in the same light as retail or restaurant establishments, making money is just as important to dental practices as it is for restaurants, furniture stores, or auto dealerships. Thus, dentist websites should be considered a top priority for any dental practice that hopes to succeed.

Since more than three-quarters of Americans now consider the internet their primary source for information about consumer merchandise and services, business websites have quickly become the faces of their companies. Furthermore, poor dental website design is never going to win any dentist more customers. This is because the typical web user has come to expect that every website will respond almost instantaneous. Research actually shows that the average web users will choose best and fastest websites for dentists.

By investing in innovative dentist website design, dentists can rest assured that they will be positioning themselves to attract new patients on an ongoing basis. After all, marketing is equally important for dental practices as it is for any money-making entity.

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