The majority of contract disputes stem from to confusion in the contract.

Contract disputes can be triggered in many different ways.

– Non-compete clauses with either the employee or employer, or the vendor of a medical practice
Conflicts among employees and associates and contractors
There is a miscommunication between landlord and tenant

Every contract should be thoughtfully designed to comply with state law. Certain clauses may be contained in agreements specific to a particular state, however, others can’t be. Be sure the area of limitation you have in your agreement is specific and not too expansive. Define the roles and responsibilities of employees, dividing lines for contractors, and outline what happens with financial distribution during a company dissolution. The lease’s time limit cannot exceed one year. Rental increases should be capped at a reasonable percentage and spelled out, and mediation and arbitration provisions should be in the contract.

Eventually, the disputes occur with no assistance from a qualified attorney. Always hire an attorney to help with the contract. kkjczmkoyv.

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