A lengthy length of satin is needed. Then fold the satin into three pieces. You should mark where you’d like stitch. Then, you’ll need half an inch between the pieces in order to have plenty of space to overlap. Importantly, you must ensure that you have it straight and level. The seams are sewn all over within an inch or less. You need to ensure that your seams are even. Be sure to arrange them in a way so that you are able to connect them quickly when adding the scrunchies. The pom poms are sewn on will be the next step. To make a complete loop then pull the thread over the opposite side of the loop you made by hand sewing. After that, you must put the pom pom on. There are pom poms at the Dollar store. The pom poms are utilized by her around 30 times. Put them into the pouch that you just created. Her niece loves the look of pom-poms. So will her. It is a really cute design. You can choose different colors of pom poms. e21ahypvd1.

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