A bond hearing will be scheduled shortly after the person gets released from jail. The judge will determine if they can release the accused in bail, or not, as well as the appropriate bail amount. Bail and jail can be complicated, and it may take some time to figure out how the bail arrangements will be created. In most cases, family members of the person arrested go to bail bondsmen in the hope of getting assistance in setting up the bail.

There are many bail bond resources out there that can help you comprehend the purpose of bail and what it doesn’t do. If, for instance, you’re detained while in bail, there’s often a clause in the bail agreement that will lead to your bail being cancelled and you cannot leave again after the second arrest. Both you and the judge typically present bail argument on the same day when you were arrested. The bail will then allow you to leave until your scheduled court date. wgr6y85yyj.

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