People with this disorder frequently feel anxious.

Dr. Berger Israloff says that the anxiety comes from the issue with vision, and a lack of trust in the surroundings. Driving with blurry vision can result in accidents, and also a sense that you are not safe. A disorder of binocular vision can alter your mood and the feeling about trusting in the perception you get of what you’re seeing. Patients often see shadows or added movement to the images they are seeing. But they don’t necessarily see exactly the same thing.

The eye doctor will give the patient an extensive examination of their eyes to determine if this is the cause of their issue. The patient is treated by providing glasses using micro prism lenses to help with the symptoms of the condition. All patients will require differing lens’ strength. Patients can notice a decline in symptoms after some days. When fine-tuning that can go up to up to 100%. Anxiety symptoms will tend to decrease in the course of reduction in visual symptoms. 2qjdual388.

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