If you’re shooting photos outside, the sky is the limit! Use hay bales placed on patios for a striking effect, create your garden with items like plants, flowers or fountains, hang streamers from trees to imitate icicles dripping through their branches in winter or whatever is most suitable for your needs. Make sure that whatever decoration you choose to add is only temporary. Do not damage your house through nailing walls or leaving behind clutter.

Design a Lighting Plan Lighting

Natural light is among the main tips you can use to take family photos at your home. In some instances, however, natural light might not be readily available throughout the day. Use energy-efficient lighting which mimic natural light if you’re unable to capture pictures outdoors or in close proximity to windows. With no harsh shadows, there will be enough illumination to enrich your photographs.

A different option to light is to use professional lighting equipment, such as soft boxes and strobe lights to get the lighting effects you’re looking for. Just make sure you test out all of this equipment before photographing anyone; don’t use any new lighting equipment for people until you’re sure of what it can do to their skin colors!

Lighting is the main thing when you take pictures of your family at home. Take 10 minutes prior to your photo shoot to ensure that you are using the right lighting. This may mean reorganizing the furniture and setting.

Make sure there’s no bright backlighting in any scene. Bright sunlight hitting anyone from behind will cast shadow on their face which can cause a glare. aeys4bzdiv.

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