The video by Fire and Brilliance guides you through numerous differences that come with buying custom jewelry, in comparison to mass-produced jewelry.
This video demonstrates how main differences are divided into three categories costs, distinctiveness and timeline.

1. Uniquness
It’s different here because you may be searching for an engagement ring or some other jewellery item, and may come across something similar to your requirements. Customized jewelry will give you the uniqueness of personalizing your design.

2. Cost
Cost of every piece is a further major difference. By mass manufacturing it means that the price of manufacturing is reduced making many items in one go. As a result, you pay a lower price. However, custom jewelry as you can imagine, can be more expensive due to the design process and being made entirely by hand.

3. Timeline
Finally, a ready-made piece of jewelry is going to be ready right away while a design that is custom can be a more significant cost. The creation, the approval process, and the production of a customized piece may take many months. It isn’t necessary to accept a piece that doesn’t meet your expectations. 9dgtvvpwfp.

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