1. What sort of junk removal service do they offer?
A few companies focus on removing household junk, while others have the ability to deal with hazardous substances. Be sure to ask for a clear outline of what kinds of services are offered.

2. What’s the cost structure of these services?
Most companies have a wide variety of pricing packages available. Make sure they’re ready to offer an on-site estimate. Each quote must contain the costs of costs for labor and taxes. No hidden charges

3. Are you recycling?
It’s essential to determine if your trash is being removed responsibly. You must confirm that the junk hauler you choose can recycle all materials.

4. Do they have the right insurance?
Because the company will be working on your property it is important to ensure that they’re insured adequately so that they can cover accident that might occur. A reputable business will be insured which will guarantee you top quality services.

5. How fast are you able to complete your job?
You’ll also want a clear timeframe for when the duration of the project will be.

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