Trane AC repair company’s gentleman shares his experiences on his job to fix AC units. He was able to share with viewers many of the issues that arose with AC units.

The issue that was common among clients was the condensate tray that was not functioning properly. Since the fitting was not functioning and the water wouldn’t be able to drain and caused water leakage around homes. The same happens for customers who don’t service their equipment.

Another problem was the motor for condenser fan the motor. The fan isn’t running when the compressor is turned on in the end, and customers will notice that there is air coming out of the unit because the compressor is heating up. If the problem persists for prolonged periods, the user might require a replacement compressor.

Another issue repair techs observed was the leaks of freon. Regularly servicing of the AC unit by a trustworthy repair firm will ensure that the Freon remains inside.

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