Every septic cleaner has been tested by exposing it to the cat’s food, toilet paper, and even oil, all combined with water. Each mixture is then stored for a total of 17 days for the cleaners to take effect. effects.

Although they are effective in some ways they are not the most effective. The majority of the cleaning products for septic tanks we tried were characterized by high levels of water turbidity. This included brands like RidX and Cabin Obsession. Low water turbidity is the best option if you need your system to stay clear of obstructions.

A top choice is Green Pig, which kept the turbidity to a minimum. It is true that any waste that can’t be readily dissolved could cause significant backups within any tank.

FLUSH TIME is the top performer. The brand kept the water’s high in turbidity and a significant portion of the waste was dissolved. You can also add convenient capsules of this brand each month, so that the tank is kept clean throughout the year.

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