The country clubs are where world’s richest people go to for the majority of their time. Restaurants and sports for recreation can be found at private clubs. These clubs usually contain a limit on memberships and are only open only to members who have been invited or sponsored by a sponsor to be a part of them.
Private golf clubs were founded in Scotland shortly after the advent of golf. They later moved in the United States. In various nations, elite players began to create their own country clubs as a result of globalization.
Because country clubs have a private nature, the membership fee are not made available to the public at large. As a result, we’ve included only country clubs whose membership costs can be confirmed by reliable sources. In the end, some of the top countries clubs around the globe were omitted from this list.
The data is accurate in September 20th, 2121. We’ll make them up-to-date when new information is more information becomes available.
A membership to a golf course comes with an initial cost of anything from $20,000 to $40,000. The monthly fees are typically less than $300, or $4,000 per year.
To learn more about private golf courses, watch the following video. gn9v1rqdi7.

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