Concrete is a fantastic insulation, which can help to reduce cooling and heating costs. Because it is not combustible, it increases the risk of fire at your residence. Concrete is simple to wash since it is a smooth, flat surface. It’s not required to maintain it, if any.

There are a few negative aspects to concrete, including that it is hard and standing on it too long is uncomfortable. Concrete floors create a loud sounds because they absorb the sound. Sound waves bounce off it, making the sound more pronounced. Concrete is durable, but it can be damaged. It happens, and it is challenging to fix. The solution isn’t to apply a small patch of paint over the area that is damaged.


Vinyl has made a significant leap and probably isn’t in the top spot on your what is the best flooring for a family room list. It serves it’s purpose and is essential to have a thorough understanding possible options. These floors are typically used in bathrooms and kitchens, however, due to the huge improvements it’s seen recently, vinyl tiles are used in more places. Vinyl is a wood-like material and can be colored bright colors, or designs.

The positives of vinyl is that it doesn’t absorb water. It’s extremely easy to clean with mopping and broom. It’s warm and cozy in frigid winter months. Vinyl is difficult to damage. It is easy to remove pet staining with the use of water, soap, and cleaner. However, there are some issues that render vinyl flooring an unpopular choice for homeowners. They include the chemicals that are that is used in the production of vinyl flooring. These chemicals emit volatile compounds that can irritate the eyes as well as harm the lungs. Furthermore, vinyl is extremely difficult to repair, and usually needs to be ripped out for a fresh floor has to be laid.

Ceramic Tile

Though ceramic tile is generally not utilized in a living room It is nevertheless worth mentioning when considering what is the best flooring for the family space. Ceramic tiles can be created of a mixture of materials. 3xfk16u87a.

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