The success rates that are high for Catholic educations, their great athletic teams, as well as their capacity to align with religious parents are all known. Catholic schools boast a very higher graduation rate, with around 99% of graduates being accepted into four-year institutions. Catholic schools may be tuition-based. This could lead to tuition credits. Private schools typically have a smaller group and more tightly knit community. All of it sounds great But why has student enrollment decreased dramatically over the past decade or two?

Because of low enrollment These schools struggle to remain open. What is the most important thing these schools have to be doing to combat their challenges?

This clip from PBS analyzes the adjustments catholic schools must make in order to increase the number of students they enroll. Take a look at this video and learn about the issues these schools face and possible steps to be done to improve enrollments and get people interested to return to catholic school for their children. Go through this video right now to gain an exclusive look into the challenges these schools are having to face.


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