It is vital to keep your lawn hydrated in summer and during other dry seasons. A sprinkler system is an solution for every homeowner. Although lawns in different parts of the globe differ in their requirements they can all be applied. Keep reading to learn which sprinkler timing system works the best for you.

Soil type plays a big aspect in determining the amount of you need to water your lawn. A sand type holds the least amount of water. On the other hand clay soils are the best for holding. 1 inch per week is the rule. You can use your rain gauge for measuring water. It can be placed at the bottom of the sprinkler for 30 minutes. After that, multiply the number by the number of times it is used over the span of a week. The sprinkler is probably being used in excess if it’s more than one inch. For a sufficient amount of water that is distributed across the entire week.

A fan sprinkler is great for a big, square lawn. An adjustable sprinkler could be best for a small lawn. Certain sprinklers come with the capability to raise and lower the height for the best water dispersion for the grass.


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