They don’t think twice about their actions. When they stop working, they could cause major issues and the loss of time. This video will show you how computers work.

We’ll start with the definition. Networks refer to “a group or system of interconnected persons or things.” Computer networks are therefore a collection of computers connected to each other. The internet of things could help you see the number of computers connected in the workplace and at home. Each of these computers in the same area are known as a local can be referred to as a network or the LAN. Your provider put an outlet on your wall in order to connect your LAN with the internet. This socket is connected to the router which connects each of your computers through the socket. The socket links local networks to other WANs. The internet is an instance of networks. Private WANs could be employed by companies. They will be harder to share data or connect with others. This world has transformed dramatically thanks to computer networking.


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