The majority of them have a distinct or vivid style. Statement rings typically are put on the right on the palm. However, they could also be worn on different fingers, and can make several statements. Diamond-based statement rings are becoming more popular over the past few years. All lovers of diamonds around the world don’t need any justification to get a striking jewelry piece. There are numerous ways to design a statement diamond ring. In this short video, you will witness a multi-piece statement rings being created, from start to finish.

First of all, metals have to be procured to build the item. It is possible to take the metals of everything and transform them into fashion-forward pieces that stand out, so be creative about what you’d like to make! The metal then gets then melted to a state of liquid in order to be shaped into an ring. The wire that will be used to make the ring is melted into liquid form. It is then stretched to ensure that the wire is in the proper thickness. After proper sizing , and then letter stamping, the ring can later styled and decorated according in line with the preferences of the wearer.


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