There are some major differences between them that are worth knowing prior to using one or the other.
Braided Hose

A braided pipe is comprised of 2 layers of braided material placed on top of one another. It’s stronger and more flexible due to this. It is important to note that, since it’s constructed with braids, the hose should not be used in impulse instances (where there’s lots of banging or movement) because this could cause the braids’ to break.

Spiral Hose

A spiral hose is composed from layers of material (often metal) that is then twisted on top of the other. It is more durable than braided and will last longer. The hose that is spiral isn’t as flexible like braided hoses because of the way it is constructed.

Bottom Line

It is important to think about the application that you’ll be using your hydraulic hose for when choosing a hydraulic line. If you need the flexibility of a hose to use in applications with low pressure, the braided hose is an option. But, if you want a durable hose that can be used for a long time and pressure, the spiral hose will be preferred.


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